SEACA hosts the Twelth Annual ACA Eastern Regional Rally at the Tampa RV Supershow

January 17 – 22, 2023
Tampa RV Super Show on the Tampa Fairgrounds


This year a decision has been made to forgo the Lazy Days Rally and invest more into the Tampa RV Supershow

The Twelfth Annual ACA Eastern Rally is will be at the Tampa RV Supershow on January 17th-22nd.

This event is now SOLD OUT – if you would like to be put on the waitlist please email Keith at

This will be our sixth annual adventure at the Supershow and each year our rallies have gotten bigger and better.

To attend the rally all Attendees MUST arrive at the designated time provided for the Rally. In the past this has been between 7:30-9:30 am on Tuesday.

If you do not come at that time YOU WILL NOT be placed with the group. You will be placed wherever they can find a spot for you in the 2 square mile campground

The Registration fee includes

  • Entry for your Coach to the fairgrounds
  • 30 amp Power
  • Entry to the show every day for 2 people
  • Entertainment nightly at the show.

Southeast American Coach normally plans as well

  • Seafood Boil or Other Dinner
  • BBQ
  • Potluck other nights
  • Happy Hours/Social every evening.

As you plan to come to the event keep in mind that Water and sewage is NOT included so you need to come prepared with full water tanks and empty black and grey water. Once in the park you can use your TOAD to come and go at the park. You also can leave early if required. Many of our attendees leave on Saturday due to schedules

In the past years we have have 40+ coaches with 80+ people and it is always a great time!


  • FVRTA charges for camping onsite will be $280.00 for 2 people and $30.00 for each additional person above 2.
  • $50 per person or $100 per Couple . (This will be collected at the event)


The registration for the event is now sold out

This event is now SOLD OUT – if you would like to be put on the waitlist please email Keith at


The following is the list provided to us by the Tampa RV Supershow of attendees. If you think you are supposed to be with us and are NOT on this list please contact the Tampa RV Supershow and make sure that you placed the name SEACA as your group. Thanks

Last Name Husband Wife
Alvarez John Judy
Ault Larry Violet
Beyer Wayne Carol
Blackburn David Tammy
Carter Wayne Debbie
Clemens David  
Conner Danny Marilyn
Curcuru Debbie  
Gaynor Wendy  
Gephart Don Alan
Gibbs Chip Shirley Talley
Graham Jimmy Doty
Gray John Liz
Hornsby Larry Mary Ellen
Lamonica Vince Tracey
Landers Keith Site #2
Landers Keith Lynnea
Lightfoot Ed Susan
Mancuso Martin Sandra Rollins
McCormick Catherine James VanDerTulip
Miskell Chris Charlsanne
Moorefield Terry Belinda
Park Gary Barb
Perry Sharon Ted Graczynski
Poor Miles Anne
Renner Rodney Marla
Roy Roger Kimberly
Rutherford Jack Claudia
Schafer Jill  
Secrest Albert Emma
Seefried Russell Debra
Smith Del Debbie
Sudduth Anthony Stephanie
Toomey Kevin Pat
Walz Richard Marianne
Winters Kevin Gail
Youngner Jim Alva


What to Bring 

Every Year we create a hangout area where we meeting and have dinners most every evening. So besides your normal stuff for Glamping the following is a list of items that we hope you can bring if you have them.

  • SEACA Sign – Print this out and place it in your window for when you come in to the fairgrounds
  • Chairs – Enough for you to have several by your coach and also leave some over at the hangout area
  • Canopies – We normally build out a covered area for the food so 10×10 Canopies are needed to build out this area
  • 10 Canned Goods per coach. (If you forget you can give us $20 and we will pick them up for you). This is a charity program run by the show each year and we like to participate
  • Lights and other glamping items.
  • Food Items for Dinners
    • Tuesday – We will provide Sliders (Small Hamburgers) – Bring a side that goes with those
    • Wednesday – We will be providing a full Barbecuse – Bring Side that goes with the BBQ
    • Thursday – We will be provide a full Seafood Boil – If bringing anything bring light sides
    • Friday – Chili Cook Off – Bring your favorite Chili or sides or accessories (Cheese, onion, sour cream fritos) that goes with it. 
    • Saturday – Potluck
  • Tip Money – (For the Band – Wed/Friday)



Every night of the event we have Dinners/Happy Hours/Get togethers at the Hangout area.Each of us should bring food/Sides/Horsderves for these nightly get togethers.

Two of the evenings, we will be having two large dinners and everyone should bring sides to supports those as well


The following is the agenda V6  for the event

Special Services

Each and every year many of use this event to get special services done to our coaches. This year we are very blessed to have the following service provides who will be there.

Deb Merritt –

The absolute expert on everything American Coach and Fleetwood. She will be doing coach reviews at the show. If you are a new American Caoch Owner we HIGHLY Suggest you do this. You wil learn more about your coach from Deb than anyone else in the universe.  She sells out her time every year. Please email Debbie at or call her at 419-513-0269

AQUAHOT Service – Darrin Hathaway

Over the years many of us have used Darrin to provide our yearly service or troubleshoot issues with our Aquahot. Darrin will be coming down From Indiana for the show and his schedule fills up fast. I will be using him for Service and I would highly recommend if you would like to get your Aquahot serviced you call Darrin and schedule ahead of time! Darrin Normally Charges $199 for the show special plus Parts which normally comes around $250 574-612-4826

Upgrade your Satellite, SMI Air Force One work – Precise Electronics,

Over the years at the show many of us have hire Precise Electronics to put on a new Air force one system or add/upgrade your Satellite. There schedule can fill up fast so we recommend you call them ahead of time if you need something new!  352-726-8471


Other service providers at the show

At the show every year there are normally a series of vendors that have things that we get serviced or make purchases from. They include

    • Blue Ox – Service done on tow bar
    • Micro Air – Wifi thermostat replacement for American Coaches

Attending the Event

We all roll in at a designated time provided by the Supershow which is Normally Tuesday morning early.

The Gates open at 7:30 and our window for parking is between 7:30-8:30am at Tuesday January 18th, 2022

If you Miss this window you will likely NOT be able to park with us at the event.   Directions are below

Each RV will need to have the SEACA Placard in there window Placecard SEACA

Place the Caravan Window Placard on the front Driver side window down low so it can be read by the Parkers.

Last attachment is instruction to get to the Brad’s Gate.


Leaving the Event

The Event end on Sunday January 23rd. Power will be turned off on Sunday and all RV’s must be out by 6pm on Sunday. This is new in the past you could leave on Monday but not this year. Many of us choose to leave on Saturday. It is up to you and you can leave earlier in the week as well.


If you have questions about the event please email or call Keith Landers the Rally host at or 678-427-6180